Renew Goals 2016

  1. To birth a new church out of Renew:: by identifying a church planter and doubling our church planting fund from $30K to $60K. 
  2. To be more strategic in our gatherings:: by a greater presence of the Prayer Team, and the development of our handouts and the Info Table) 
  3. To cultivate more “Kingdom Mischief”:: by dreaming and scheming ways to bless others outside of our church 
  4. To strengthen and sharpen our house churches:: by a more frequent presence of our pastors, participation in “field trips” and “house church shepherd “swaps."


We are not a building or an institution.

We desire to be a Jesus community. We desire to be a movement of authentic followers of Jesus taking him at his word, believing that he has called us to be representatives and ambassadors in our world. We desire to be united in the life, death and resurrection of Jesus who came to bring about the Kingdom of God and a movement of love.


We desire to be a multi-generational, authentic, participatory faith community made up of singles and families.

While we are multi-generational in our approach, we are committed to being intentional about engaging with younger generations.


We seek to know our place in God’s agenda and are called to participate in it. 

God’s agenda is to bless, renew and reconcile the messy and broken world we live in. Therefore we sense our call to be servants sent out to be missionaries and change agents in our spheres of influence in the name of Jesus.


We attempt to be Jesus-ish. 

As followers of Jesus we are called to be holistic servants, ambassadors and representatives of his life in all that we do.


We desire to connect with people who are intrigued by Jesus, but tired of religion. 

We, too, are tired of religion. We desire to place relationship over rule keeping. We want to engage with people who think the church is useless, irrelevant and even offensive. Our goal isn’t to be religious or to get others to come to our church so we can tell people how to live their life and have them give us money. Instead, we desire to care more about each person than what they can do for the church.


We want to make big risks for the sake of Christ.

This means that we will expect to experience failure at times. We do not value risk and change in order to keep up with the times in order to be relevant, hip or cool, but to be effective in connecting with those who are skeptical of Jesus and His Church by making the Story of God relatable.


We swim in a deep stream of tradition – and we seek to keep swimming. 

The roots of historic Christian belief run deep. However, we are not here to be preservers of the past. Instead, we strive to understand the rich history of our past and be students of our present culture in order to be pioneers of the future in the name of Jesus.


We are called to be both a sending church and a church that is being sent. 

Both are essential to the mission of God. Therefore, we approach missions as holistic – both on a local and global level – involving body, heart, mind and soul. We see our mission as being half way across the world as well as down the block. We are much more interested in the question, “How are we serving our neighborhood this week?” than “How many people were at the service on Sunday?”


We desire to be known more for our sending capacity than our seating capacity. 

We desire for people to be sent officially and unofficially in order to live on mission in the ways of Jesus. This is why we are so passionate about house churches. We also desire to be a church planting church plant, believing that we will send a new church out within the next five years.