In the summer of 2008, a small group of people began dreaming about what new work God may want to birth in our region. We began to realize that the North Penn region probably doesn’t need another church – as there are plenty here already. What the region needed is fresh expressions and fresh extensions of the kingdom of God. We wrestled with the question,

What if we created a place that, when an emergency or an issue arose in our community, its leaders would think of calling us to help? And what if we served our context well in the name of Jesus?

These people joined together to launch a Jesus community of and for people who might not fit into a traditional church. For the misfits. The hurting and the hungry. The skeptics and the dreamers. Those intrigued by Jesus but who are turned off by the baggage of religion. Those who long to embrace Jesus and live out the values of the kingdom of God.  

Our core group of people met for almost a year, praying and asking what God desires from us that was taking shape: a vision that planted the flag outside of the walls of a church in order to be an ally and an advocate for our community. With this, The Renew Community was birthed.

In the life of our church, we’ve met in a storefront, a gym, a catering/banquet hall, a bar, dozens of homes and various parks. Currently we meet at the North Penn Valley Boys and Girls Club in downtown Lansdale.