House churches meet the opposite weeks in various homes and living rooms across the region. If gatherings are family reunions with the extended family, house churches are what we describe as “immediate families.” Together, house churches celebrate, eat, serve, worship and study the Scriptures. The early church understood church to be a ‘family.’ We seek to embrace one another as family primarily through our house church approach, which offer rich opportunities to be deeply involved in the lives of other people in Renew. If you are interested in knowing more contact Doug Moister.

House Church Shepherds

North Wales - Contact Cindy Culp

Lansdale - Contact Dave Bielecki

Lansdale, West Ward - Contact Joel Limbauan

Telford, Melvin Rd. - Contact Kent Gerhart

Souderton - Contact Jeannete Martinez

Souderton - Contact Kelley Royce

Schwenksville - Contact Erin Class