The Renew Community is a Jesus community of hungry and hurting people scattered throughout the Southeastern Pennsylvania area. We are a community attempting to live out the fresh expressions and fresh extensions of the Story of God in our context. Because we see ourselves as a network of Jesus communities, the rhythm of our gatherings is purposefully unique. 

This summer we will hold our large gatherings every other week at 4pm at Holy Trinity Church (407 N. Broad St.) in Lansdale, PA. 

We meet in house churches the opposite weeks in various homes across the region.


Ultimately, we strive to be a Jesus community who cares about the things that Jesus cares about. 

Our values spill out from our lives and rhythms, not from a nicely written document. We express our values in several different mantras. Here are a few of them. 

  • There is only one rule at our church: ‘no perfect people allowed.’
  • Life is best lived face-to-face.
  • We want to be known for our sending capacity than our seating capacity
  • Our structure must always submit to the Spirit.
  • We are an ally and an advocate for our community asking ‘How can we help?” and “How can we serve?”
  • We are missionaries cleverly disguised as good neighbors. 
  • We bet the farm on discipleship
  • We care more about presence than attendance. 
  • Healthy community is not the absence of conflict, but the presence of Jesus in the midst of it. 
  • We are a group of people learning to pay attention to God and respond appropriately.