This summer we will hold our gatherings every other week at Holy Trinity Church (407 N. Broad St.) in Lansdale, PA. Since church is described in the Bible as a family, we believe this is our “extended family” expression – or like a family reunion.

Summer Gathering dates:

  • June 11 & 25
  • July 9 & 23
  • (July 30 - Baptism Celebration at Branchwood Park)
  • August 13 & 27

Our gatherings are created for one thing: formation for mission. We seek to be shaped, in order to be sent out into our unique and specific contexts during the week. Each time we gather, we pray together, tell stories, interact with the spoken Word, celebrate the life that comes through Jesus and participate in communion together. These times shape us into our God-given, Jesus-centered and Spirit-saturated identity as the redeemed and renewed and call-out people of God.

People often ask, “What should I wear?” We simply tell them: wear clothes (we don’t allow nakedness). So, as long as you wear clothes, you can wear whatever you want.