As followers of Jesus we’re called to live lives of generosity. Because we have been blessed we are called to bless others with our lives – which includes our finances. If we gracefully challenge members of our community to live life generously, but we as a church are not doing the same we are hypocrites. We live in a country – and at a time – of great abundance. We are privileged enough to humbly receive the blessings God has given to us. But with this blessing comes responsibility. Our correct response to abundance is simple: we share. As a Jesus community, we desire to be generous and bless others.

We believe that we are not giving our money to good causes. Instead, we are giving God’s money to His work. While we believe that everything belongs to God we also seek to make sure that we are giving consistently, intentionally, faithfully and wisely to people, organizations and movements outside of Renew where we sense God is actively at work – locally, regionally, nationally and internationally.